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The Sexual Act in Which you shove your FIST Into a Loved ones Vagina and or Butt-hole.
For this Activity you may need:
Atleast 30 Minutes
LOTS of Lube (Butter, Vasaline, KY Jelly, ect..)
Latex Glove (protection IF NEEDED)
And when your partner says stop...STOP!

You should start off with one or two fingers at a time, and then gradually move onto 3...then 4...Once you go to 4 fingers, you want to start in the act of Ducking...get your hand into a duck formation and "Quack that in there"...(you may need to spin your hand in order to get WRIST DEEP!)
After all of that goes down you want to just form into a fist and let the FUN BEGIN!
Scream for the IRON FISTING!
by xFISTINGx July 30, 2010

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