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2 definitions by womanchego

OEDCD is the name for a mental disorder characterized by the compulsive need to look things up in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). The disorder is common among English graduate students. It is related to, but not always associated with, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The acronym stands for Oxford English Dictionary Compulsive Disorder.
Ryan's OEDCD got to the point where he wouldn't leave the house anymore, even for school, work or social engagements, because there was always one more word to look up in the OED. "Are you doing OK?" his roommate asked. He responded, "'OK!' How have I not looked 'OK' up in the OED?! Wait, it says here the first use was in the 1800s, and the etymology..."
by womanchego December 21, 2009
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An etad (pronounced e-tad) is an ambiguous encounter between two people that may or may not be a date. The word, derived from the spelling of "date" backwards, is typically used when one or both parties is/are uncertain whether the scheduled time together is a date, or how the other would classify it.
I think I'm interested in him, but I'm not sure if we're hanging out as friends tonight or if it's an actual date. I guess it's an etad.
by womanchego July 21, 2011
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