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Stuck Mojo trail blazed the rap-rock genre by melding their heavy metal-bred Southern heritage with a frontman who bled hip-hop. Formed in 1989 by guitarist Rich Ward, Stuck Mojo set out to experiment with this genre-blending musical hybrid, inspired by bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Run DMC and Black Sabbath. They quickly acquired a regional reputation as a band who would beat you down, call you names, and help you back up for some more.
Stuck Mojo; Souther Pride:

South of the Mason-Dixon finger-lickin' good
Welcome to my neighborhood
Congeniality, hostpitality go hand in hand,
But don't dis a Southerner, we're quick to take a stand.
The South will rise again already there Olympic City, '96 was our year.

The weather's swell, on racism we won't dwell
'Cause everything north of us they won't tell.
I've got that Southern pride.
I've got that Southern pride.
Shine my Southern pride let it shine.
We have an L.A. east of the Mississippi,
Lower Alabama, we're from Atlanta.
The Carolinas, there's a no coast finer than our coast,
You know the South rocks the most.

We love wrestling and NASCAR, too.
People down here make mean barbecue.
From Freaknik to Bike Week my religion is unique,
My Southern belles like honeysuckle.
I've got that Southern pride.
Shine my Southern pride let it shine.
(Rep. Chorus)....
Shine my Southern pride let it shine.
by wolfgdog8mysoul2wicw/nuts November 25, 2009
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