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The act of being flumpy. Sad, being out of it or not feelin it.
Wizzie: Tf is wrong with you bro? Why won't you hit this bleezy?
Domonigga: Man, i've been feelin hella flumpy
by Wizzie March 12, 2014

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another cutesy way to say love. the sweet feeling in ones heart that is felt between two people. this feeling incompasses trust, communication, openness, friendship, attraction, forevers, dreams, miracles, tears, laughs, hugs & kisses, wishes, the uglies,beauties, unconditional, one and only, fears, humility, glory, sharing, loosing, learning, teaching, understanding, promises never lie, snuggles, just is, yeah!!! Oh yeah,also must include eskimo kisses!!
"I wub u Kelly!!!" simply means "I love you kelly!!!" just a little personalized way to say love. makes the connection more intimate & snugglie.Hooray for wub!!
by wizzie April 23, 2006

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