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A group of 100% male losers and misfits from and self quarantined in Santa Clara, CA that have slipped through the cracks of reality and found each other. Compensating for their lack of acceptance in normal society they have created a demented, co-dependent, almost religious obsession and worship of each other. Their place in this world is so far down they moronically try to build themselves up through the mistreatment and mockery of others, as well as constant massively public praise and affirmations of one another. Their narcissism is so outlandish, they have become the cause of annoyance and the subject of pity and avoidance by mostly everyone that's not them.
1. "Is that a cult of rejects?"

"Pretty much, it's the Santa Clara Townies."

2. "The only reason we don't delete the Santa Clara townies from Facebook is so we know where to avoid, since they all check each other in every where all of the time."
by witness and victim July 11, 2012

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