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1. A type of wrench used to crank down or unscrew nuts and bolts.

2. The word "wretched" as spelled and pronounced by the uneducated.
1: That girl is hella ratchet!..

2: No. You mean to say she's "wretched". Ratchet is a type of wrench. Another acceptable word you could've used is "skanky" or "whorish."
by Wiki-Wiki March 08, 2014
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A city in Southern California. Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it "San Diego," which of course in German means a "whale's vagina."
1. You stay classy, San Diego!

2. Go fuck yourself, San Diego!
by Wiki-Wiki June 30, 2013
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1. Recipe
- gingerale
- 230 yard worm burner
- side of pretzels
- christians money

2. a golf shot that only goes 4 feet off the ground and a max of 230 yards in distance
dude u just hit a wikibomb, u gonna have alot of work to try to get that on the green
by wiki-wiki August 12, 2008
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