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Games played after gorging one's self on food. Perfect for the family get togethers, tailgate parties, or even after a trip to the Golden Corral with friends. Typical games include horse shoes, bean bags, or for the ambitious, darts.
Aunt Bev, that was a great Thanksgiving meal! I'm stuffed! It's time for some games of minimal exertion. Uncle Cletus, let's go throw some horse shoes!
by wheredidmypantsgo November 23, 2010

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The act of a woman servicing a man. Others may consider this a synonym to "blow job", but in fact it is indeed a privilege for a woman to provide this to a man.
"My dear husband, I feel that it has been too long since I last delighted you. May I please have the opportunity to offer you a blow privilege this morning?"
by wheredidmypantsgo March 14, 2012

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