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The built up urges most girls and some d00dz get to become attention whores, specifically in the context of harvesting compliments from the opposite sex. This behavior includes casual flirting, dressing a little more "risky" than par usual and out right flaunting and showing off in large groups of people. Usually a sign of insecurity, this behavior does not necessarily end in a blumpkin or a walk of shame as it is usually just a careless way to build up self confidence and feel sexy.
The girls have been busy with school and work all week, something tells me they will be getting attention horny to go out to the clubs and get noticed by men.
by wheelzr May 30, 2008

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Your go to person who knows all the latest and most interesting news. The person you always call to fix all of your computer problems. And kn Also a pun on Wu Tang's RZA's BOBBY DIGITAL album from 1998.
Leo Laporte is my Daddy Digital. Dude always knows what's up with Google and everything tech related.
by wheelzr April 10, 2010

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