1 definition by whatwhatinthebutt

When a white girl (or boy) cries in difficult situations to get themselves out of it and for everybody to comfort them.

Largely seen when the topic of racism is brought up and the white girl refuse to admit that what she did was wrong so she cries in hoping that people will feel sorry for her instead of comforting whoever she offended.

This works most of the time since people are made to feel empathic towards white women who cry, and will tell off whoever hurt her feelings for being such a meanie.
English teacher: Stacy, get out of this classroom for cursing.

Stacy: Thats not fair!! *starts to cry white girl tears*
Rest of the class: Wow the English teacher is such a bitch!

White girl: *parades around in Native American warbonnet and puts on war paint* I always wanted to be Indian!!! :D

Native American: We're called Native American. And you're being racist because not all of use wear warbonnets and they are consider to be sacred to those who do.

White girl: Omg, but I cant be racist cause I dont hate you Indians and Im doing this to honor your people!! *cries white girl tears*
Native: Its still racist no matter what your intentions ar-
Wave of people: Omg how can you be so mean?!? She wasnt doing it to mock you people god, you are such a racist for calling her racist!!! Its people like you who keeps racism alive!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!
by whatwhatinthebutt February 4, 2012