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A game created by thespians at Roosevelt Highschool in Des Moines, Iowa. It has been passed down multiple times, but they were the real creators.
A group of ten+ people stand in a circle while a few people go around in an inside circle pretending to ride a pony while singing a song.

The song goes like this:
Woooo, ride that pony
Woooo, ride that pony
Woooo, ride that pony

This is how we ride

Then, the inside circle stops on whatever person the "this is how we ride" ended at, and dances. That portion of the song goes:
Front to front to front my pony
back to back to back my pony
side to side to side my pony
This is how we ride,

The people dancing then switch places with the person they were dancing with, and they then become the inside circle, then repeat.
Amazing game, for shizzle.
Kirsten: Let's play ride that pony
Bob: Heck yahhh, go Thespian games!
by whatchusayyy December 09, 2009
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