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lucia is the most amazing girl you could EVER meet. she’s extremely funny. the people that annoy her most are usually called marcie. she is intelligent and has many group chats on instagram, the most annoying one being ‘ da gs’. overall you won’t regret meeting a lucia!
marcie: oh wow there’s lucia!
lucia: *turns around and makes fun of her cast*
marcie: * pinches lucia in the arm*
lucia: oi lmao your weak
by whaleface118117 July 04, 2019

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lolas’ are usually small girls. they have murky green eyes and light brown hair. lola says lol a lot as it is in her name and has a group of friends usually with 5ish people in it. she has only had about 1 or 2 relationships but likes to keep them a bit secret. what you will find with a lola is that they’re usually virgo ♍️. a weird fact about lola is that they’re usually attracted to the name ‘dan’. nobody knows why but it is scientifically proven.
person1: omg lola you need to stop saying lol so much
person 2: i’m blonde i’m skinny i’m rich and a little bit of a bitch
person 3: guysguysguys i’m so tanned
person4: i have a coffee addiction
person5: awwwwe SCOOBY
lola: lol
by whaleface118117 August 30, 2019

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