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A university that's really an exclusive resort or country club. Where else can you sit in a hammock under a palm tree by the side of one of the seven lakes on campus? Not only is our campus stunning, check out the students. Some of the richest kids around the country, even more so around the world. A typical Lynn student is white, tan, blonde, rocking prada sunglasses, a gucci belt, and birkenstocks and a polo. Here kids drive the most absurd cars, bmws, audis, caddys, mercedes, bentleys, maseratis, ferraris. You name it. A typical day at Lynn would consist of waking up so the housekeepers can clean the dorms, maybe go to class, go shopping with mommy or daddys AMEX, drink an excessive amount of alcohol, and party all night in West Palm or Miami. This school is for the most elite class acts in the world.
At Lynn University, LU stickers abound on the backs of bentleys, astons, m6's, and lambos.
by westpalmadise324 October 19, 2009

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