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Adj - etymology - early 1980's douche bag corporate speak multe-tasc-ing


1. (tasker) secret derogatory term for individuals who can do more than one thing poorly at the same time;

2. (tasker) regularly abused corporate speak for overworked jack holes that have more to do than they possibly can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time;

3. (root definition: to multi-task) specifically - taking a dump while jacking off at the same time;
Definition 2:
Employee1 - "I have to finish two projects and one for the guy that just got fired"

Employee2 - "I guess you are going to have to multi-task"

Employee1 - "Yeah I am going to multi-task myself into unemployment"

Definition 3:
Boss - "I am looking for employees that are willing to take on some hard projects - I am going to need multi-taskers"

Employee1 and Employee2 - (long smirking looks at each other) "yea - we can do that (muffled snickering)"
by wer999999 January 29, 2010
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