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A lyrical genius, one of the best white rappers in the game.. Even though he is unsigned, he's getting himself out there and his buzz is only starting to get bigger. His fans are known as ninjas and he cares about them a lot. He's been rapping since 6th grade, 21 years old now. His flows are crazy and his voice is raspy. I know every fan says this about their favorite rapper, but Webby.. He's not like every other rapper, yeah in some songs he raps about sex,drugs, and alcohol. But most of his songs are about his struggle and his life. Serious shit.
Guy#1: " Yo, did you go to that Chris Webby concert this weekend?"
Guy#2: "Na, was it fun?"
Guy#1: "HELL YEAH, he sang "la,la,la" and signed mad dollar bills."
by webby fan July 07, 2011

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