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A homeless person that lurks in the shadows, normally in alleyways, and appears seemingly out of nowhere to ask for change or other items.

Shadow Bums can appear day or night, but mainly strike when you think the area is free of homeless.
"I checked around for bums and everything. I thought the area was clear, but then out popped a shadow bum from behind the building and he asked me for a cigarette!"
by wayoutofplace April 23, 2008

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Someone who is lame, uncool, tired, or just generally boring.

Other forms of the term -
"Couch Collecting" - The act of being boring/lame
"Couch Collection" - A group or series of things that are boring.
Lyda: I broke up with my boyfriend because he was too boring.
Bryant: Yeah, he was a total couch collector.

Will: This party is lame.
Pete: Yeah, these people are couch collecting.

James: What did you do last night?
Rodney: Well I felt sick so I just stayed at home and collected couches.

Hank: I can't believe the professor expects us to read all these crappy books.
Karen: Yeah, this is a total couch collection.
by wayoutofplace February 08, 2008

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