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A band formed originally in 1991 who released many demos and EP's before actually being recognized. Once signed, the band recorded the album "Answer That And Stay Fashionable," an album widely seen as Punk. AFI (especially lead singer Davey Havok) is well known for combining the fast bass and pick scrapes of the punk scene with the deadly lyrics and defining sound of the hardcore scene. Their most recent album "Sing The Sorrow," however, is seen as an emo album, which apparently, makes it a complete waste of time. Not true. This is an outstanding CD which captures some things in life that most of us just don't see or understand. All in all, this band has definatley left its mark on the music industry, be it with Punk, Hardcore, or "Emo"
<knowledgeable person> Have you heard that band, AFI?
<poser ass-face> They are emo. I have never heard them. Ever. But I have heard that they are emo. Therefor: I hate them.
<knowledgeable person> *stomps on poser ass-face's neck and eats liver* hehe DIE POSERS lol
by washburnWR150 January 19, 2006

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