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Any person who receives an education at any of the 400 Waldorf Schools located all over the world. They all share the same common morals of recycling, striving to make the world an all-around greener place, and picking organic (even if more costly) over genetically modified, any day. Waldorfians are chill, enjoy cheeba-ing now and again and are bad at math. I think that if the entire human-race were required to go to Waldorf, then there wouldn't be any wars. Waldorfians stand for peace, happiness, and nature and thats what makes them cool.
Money-hungry Business Typhoon: I'm gonna tear down all of these Redwoods and put up a housing development here.
Waldorfian: Dude, I'm gonna do a tree-sit and make it so you'll never get your hands on this land.
Typhoon:I'm gonna sue your ass so you'll be broke.
Waldorfian: Go ahead, I don't need material items. I can live naked. Just as long as I have tofu and water, I'll just keep on truckin'.
by waldorf kid September 15, 2005

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