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When someone is trying to sound deep or intelligent by posting ridiculously over dramatic philosophies or political views on facebook. They're likely not as smart as they try to put on, or even understand what they just said. Takes the words facebook and Socrates and combines them, which conveniently forms the sound "fake" when spoken. Can also be used to describe someone doing such things outside of facebook or someone sharing political views they likely heard on t.v. or from their parents, seconds before posting/sharing. A common trait among facrotes, is not knowing what you're talking about, or using someone else's words or opinions as your own, without actually researching the subject.
Ex. 1
Girl 1 Post: "What is a person when all that remains of the untranscended individual is an empty vessel through which bullshit is chanel3d? Are they human? No, but wound3d and alone." Me

Girl 2 reply: Give me a fucking break with this crap. Stop being such a facrotes and start making sense. Just because nobody understands you, doesn't mean you're an undiscovered genious.

Ex. 2
Guy 1: Obama is so stupid because he doesn't understand how to be president with the money and war and stuff and he wants to eat all of our children. Look it up, it's true.

Guy 2: You're being a real fucking facrotes right now. Did you get that from your ignorant parents or from watching Fox News?

Guy 1: Fuck you, you communist. That's my own opinion and it's the truth.

Guy 2: Whatever you say Facrotes.
by waffle zOmbie July 28, 2011

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