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Small mall in Rhode Island. Located next to the somewhat vacant Rhodes Island mall. Newly renovated since it was ruined in the great flooding. Since this mall is filled with predominantly teenage girl / girl clothing stores (V.S. , wet seal, charlotte russe, bath & body works) show up here on a weekend / vacation and it will be filled with Warwick trashy Jr.high children and wiggers who think they have "swag". Oh and if you live in Warwick dress your best because you'll probably see approximately 10 people you know, most of which you'd rather not see...
John : hey, lets go the Warwick Mall!
Mary: ehh I don't know if I feeling like dressing to impress, or seeing 13 year olds lacking cleavage running around.
John : aww lets just go, its not like there's anything better to do in Warwick other than smoke blunts..
by waaawackgrl18 December 29, 2011
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