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most people are lucky to even talk to her , but to have the privilege of having this amazing girl actually call you her best friend , it's awe-striking. she might use her emo powers on you every once in awhile , but other than that nobody really deserves this girl , not even *** . she's such a beautiful girl that everybody goes gay for her ( except me , you can miss me with that gay shit . ) she might be a lil beaner , but i swear she makes the best ramen noodles ever . i love this girl a lot , and having the opportunity to start off your sentences like ' juliana did this really funny thing when we were on facetime ... ' she's so original and everybody's always trying to snatch her weave , but im always behind her stitching it back on . i never really express how much she means to me , because i'm not tryna seem gay on my snapchat story , but believe me i will always tease her on how she has a non-existent jawline . this little girl always looks for the best in people , so don't let her down , she doesn't deserve that . if you have a juliana in your life , be grateful and appreciate her , she needs love and affection to stay alive ;)
emely : " is that juliana over there? "
juliana : " im literally right here , you always do this shit to me . "
by vsco.emely August 20, 2018

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