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- block fringe covering the eyes/just above the eyes OR can be tied to the side
- if tied to the side, it has to be tied using cute clips and hair grips.
- added volume & spiked/lifted up in the back using lots of hairspray.
- leopard/camo/polka dot headband worn mostly when the fringe is down.
- bows&ribbons worn in hair.
- usually jet black/white blonde, sometimes with one bright colour streak.
- (black/blonde/colour) extensions are NEEDED.!

- block fringe / long or short side fringe, sometimes covering the eyes (the same as girls').
- hairspray is used to give volume to the hair/spike it up at the back.
- ALWAYS layered at the sides of the face and at the back, sometimes on the fringe (unless it's a proper block fringe).
- usually jet black / white blonde, with streak(s) of the opposite colour at the side/fringe.
- sometimes a shoulder length tip on the side of the fringe (right by the face) and the rest of the hair cut shorter.
- bows are sometimes worn.
- bandana (red/black/white) is worn as a headband.
black layered hair with one white blonde streak at the side/fringe, excessive hairspray used at the back to spike up.

omfg i've run out of hairspray, i'm not going outsideeee
(not insulting, it's what i say :]!)

by voguehorror September 11, 2006

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