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Jung An's legend was created by Mr. Greene, 2016. Jung An's representative meaning is the Ox. Jung An's leg circumference is at minimum, 50 inches. Jung An also has a variety of meanings. It can mean the middle, or sometimes, it can mean "to be okay". Sometimes, Jung An just means itself, Jung An. In some lyrics, Jung An is mentioned. One can spell Jung An as Jung An or Joong An, depending on their preferences. Let's see some examples of Jung An.
셋 세면 잠듭니다, Jung An, Jung An Jung An
Search, Search, Search my name on Jung An
Jungtachi/Joongtachi : I did Joongtachi on my test. - I did okay on my test.
Jungnamja/Joongnamja: He was a Jungnamja. - He was an okay man.
Jungjin Ass~ - You got juked.
by vlad515 November 20, 2017

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