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A kickass school in DC. Pretty much the best all girl's school in the area, and everyone wants to go here. The brother school is Gonzaga, and we are obviously the first choice of all the guys there. Rejects of Visitation often go to: Holy Cross, Stone Ridge, St. John's, O'Connell, and Ireton. The sports are fantastic, we have tons of ISL banners. Obviously, the academics are beast. You're going to come out way smarter than everyone else if you can get into visi. The girls are also so nice and everyone wants to date us.
Prep guy: Wow, you go to visi! That's the most amazing school ever! Date me! I know I have a girlfriend at Holy Cross, but you're 100 times hotter than her!
Georgetown Visitation girl: Oh, I already have a boyfriend. He's the captain of the football team at Gonzaga.
Gonzaga guy: What can I say, visi girls are so much better!
by visigirll December 3, 2011
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