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The disorder is characterized as an overwhelming desire to be noticed and willingness to engage in any attention-seeking on non-conformist behaviour to the betterment of their agenda. They are never wrong, have a disdain for any capitalism or any facts that go against their ideology. They are hateful hypocritical and have a unwarranted need to be against almost anything and anyone who does not fall exactly in line with their warped view of the world that only they feel is the “the way things should be”. They lie, deceive and make up and exaggerate facts all in accordance to their agenda
“That self serving liberal douchebag is the most arrogant prick one would ever meet.”

Almost any issue, point or fact ever brought up with any liberal douchebag can be answered by one of the following by a Liberal Douche-Bag

A. Uh, huh? Total CRAP, same baloney you hear on Fox news or “World Nut Daily”

B. As Spock says, "The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few."

C. Ronald Reagan is responsible for this entire mess NOT list their favourite liberal icon.

D. This can all be traced back to killing Muslims for oil and the CIA's installation of the Shah.

E. Your choice: (1) The 2000 election was stolen or (2) The 2004 election was stolen.

F. A review of the key arguments: (1) I am never wrong; (2) Refer to 1.

G. This conversation is over.

H. Move on to something real... OR call a time out and arrogantly remark “go study the issue”

I. The days of the stupid white male are over, get used to it
by visgoth April 22, 2010