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Can be used in a positive way and be a synonym to cool, tight, dope, sick, hyped etc. Can also be used in a negetive way and be a synonym to belligerant, unruly, sketchy, shady etc.
Damn did you see the homie knock that chap out?! Shit was too outtahand! But then the homie got all drunk and threw up in my car that shit was outta hand
by Vengy March 07, 2012
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word made popular after the release of the popular Beenie Mansong, used as expression of joy. Not to be confused with shortened version of the name of uber noob simantha.
Tom : omg i pwnt that math test yesterday.
Harry : u heard my grade? did i get over 30?
Tom : yea yo 41!!
Harry : sima!!!!
by vengy February 07, 2008
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