1 definition by vatefairefoutre

1. An annoying term that progressive people think is politically correct, when in reality, means nothing.

2. An unnecessary label that gets slapped on anyone who looks like they might have Asian ancestors, regardless of if that person feels the term even applies to them.
Dumbass: Are you Chinese?
Normal Person: No...
Dumbass: Are you Japanese?
Normal Person: No...
Dumbass: Are you Korean?
Normal Person: No... where the fuck is this going?
Dumbass: Oh, you just looked Asian, so I thought I'd branch out and learn about your culture.
Normal Person: I'm American... so my culture is your culture.
Dumbass: But, you're Asian-American.
Normal Person: By that logic, you should be called European American because you look European.
Dumbass: No, I'm American.
Normal Person: Okay, so why the fuck do I need a label as to what KIND of American I am?
by vatefairefoutre August 29, 2017
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