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When many dudes are crowded in a very uncomfortable space becoming very hot and stuffy.
Man 1: It was cramped in that locker room dude

Man 2: yeah, quite a dude furnace
by varthan October 01, 2007

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Bruuupa is a exclamation used by some to signify that something is good. It was first heard in the N.W.A. song find em fuck em and flee where the line is "every single bitch got the price to pay BRUUUPA"
It can also be used negatively with unbruuupa.
Also in combination with Janine for either double goodness if talking about Janine the real porn star, or double badness if referring to Chole Jones.
can be abbreviated by saying Brup, or Bracha
Man 1- this day was pretty bruuupa.

Man 2- indeed quite BruuupaJanine.
by Varthan September 13, 2007

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A alcoholic beverage that is oh so dank

what you will need
1) bout two shots of vodka(if you have any absolut vanilla that works really well too)
2) Bout a shot of Fragelico hazelnut liquor
3) Two scoops of vanilla ice cream
4) bottle of root beer

essentially an alchoholic root beer float
very dank
Man The Zepplin is the danks, thank you Ben for helping in its creation.
by Varthan November 20, 2007

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