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derived from the word "huai gu", it has evolved into huai gut mainly because it has an annoyingly catchy sound to it. the word huai gut has a myriad of meanings, which shall be briefly mentioned below.

1) A squirtle who has poor aim

2) A playfuck

3) An individual who enjoys smirking when telling everyone about his ACE points.

4) A believer in RDJ2

5) An individual who firmly believes in his attractiveness.
1)Bryan: Omfg, I accidentally cummed onto my cheeks!
Fuckkai: Lol, you're such a huai gut.

2) Jessica: You playfuck, thats the third girl you've dumped in a month!
Simon: (shrugs resignedly) I guess i'm just a Huai gut.

3) Brian: (Smirks smugly with arms folded) I have 15 ACE points for everything. KFFF
Chuan Han: Wtf, you're such a huai gut.

4) Bra: (Being pummelled) RDJ2 IS GOD!!! RDJ2 IS GOD!!!

Samuel: (Pummeling him) FUCK YOU HUAI GUT. JESUS IS GOD!!! JESUS IS GOD!!!

5) Hut Guai: Siao...first time got girl hotter than me
Teng Jin: Wtf man, dun be a huai gut la!
by variety big brother August 21, 2006

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