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eskimo kisses are when two people affectionatly rub thier noses back and forth together. "Eski'mo" is a conjuction of the same, except when performed by homosexual men, hence the "'mo" part. An exceptiple ending to an email or text message in place of "kisses", "smoches", "chao", etc.

Honey, You need to lose a few pounds if you expect to be invited to the Party next week. And by a few pounds, I mean, of course, your latest boy-toy Eric.

eski'mo kisses

by usarmymutt September 30, 2005
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An bisexual or homosexual man who is sexually attracted to younger men. The term can be used affectionaly or in sexual role playing. The Daddy is often paired with a Boy or more. Typically the Daddy is the more aggressive, dominant male of the two. Similar to Sugar Daddy Age may or may not be relivant to the Daddy or Boy.
"Who's your Daddy?"

I'm a Daddy's Boy.

I'm out looking for a Daddy tonight.

Will you be my Daddy?

Oh, ooh, Daddy buy me that cockring
by usarmymutt September 22, 2005
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