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Sodapop Curtis is a character from the book and movie The Outsiders.
Brother of Darry and Ponyboy Curtis

100% pure beauty

my future husband

hottest being on planet earth; to hot for his own good

Being in Soda’s presence would melt you because he is hotter than the sun.

The most attractive and hottest greaser in all of history; truly pure; beautimous; explodes the world with is mere breathtaking smile
Random person: Hey, have you heard of sodapop curtis?


Random person: oh no what have i done??

Soda fan: *dramatically drops to the ground and faints*

Random person: WHAT DO I DO?? I THINK I KILLED HER!!!

Soda fan’s best friend: it’s okay, just wave “the outsiders” book in her face and she’ll wake up
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