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Project Natal is the upcoming (at time of writing) new non-controller technology coming to the gay Xbox 360. It aims to make gaming more accessible to the senile community like the old people, babies and to make gaming as tedious as possible. At the time of writing this i expect it to fail and if you are reading this some time in 2011 or 2012, it has failed.

Its rival, PlayStation Move has been expected to beat Natale by a landslide this and thus deems Natal to be an absolute EPIC failure of its decade. Links to WAH BAM!
Guy1: "Dude I just got Project Natal for my 360!"

Guy2 and his friends: (Laugh their asses off) "Have fun with your grandma and your sisters baby.

Come on lets go play some PlayStation Move, at least they have buttons.

Guy3: "Ya, everyone knew non-controller-based gaming would work, id rather shoot with a controller and get some feedback than flail my hands around like a spastic retard."

Guy 1: "So true"

Guy2: "But, its made by Microsoft??" (sulks in the corner while waving arm around)
by undeadwolfy786 April 14, 2010

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