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A monopolistic GSM cell phone carrier (Also known as Robbers) in Canada that abuses and gouges consumers with their absurd and ridiculous pricing. Laugh when criticized and raise phone prices higher as a result. Instead of offering customers with more competitive rates, they raise prices because of their might, power and monopolistic ways.

Also accredited with killing the imminent iPhone launch in Canada with their terrible and unfair plans.
An example as follows(which is quite uncompetitive considering the marketing BS they pull all the time):

- $60/month. 150 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 400 MB Data, 75 SMS sent
- $75/month. 300 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 750 MB Data, 100 SMS sent
- $100/month. 600 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 1 GB Data, 200 SMS sent
- $115/month. 800 minutes + unlimited evenings/weekends, 2 GB Data, 300 SMS sent
Idiot: I just signed on with Rogers for three years and got the new iPhone!!!
Random Guy: Wow you got screwed by Robbers.... They need to fund the Blue Jays somehow...

Customer: Wow! Robbers just sent me a bill for $1,002, 232 because I "overused" data....
by ultran00b July 10, 2008
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