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UFC is the ultimate form of fighting, but in order to really understand it you must take some necessary steps:

1. Trane UFC by wearing lots of Tap Out and Affliction tees, make sure to mean mug people while wearing such attire.
2. Order insanely price PPVs and yell at the TV as soon as a fight hits the ground (Preferred language involves the usage of the words cunt, faggot, pussy & retarded, this is how the cool kids speak so go crazy)
3. Brock Lesnar & Dana White are the baddest men on the planet, don't let anyone tell you otherwise and make sure to mean mug them if they do.
4. MMA is for sissies, UFC is where it's at (now go to the mirror and yell "AS REAL AS IT GETS BABY")
5. Learn to love catchphrases such as "OMG Mike he is ROCKED" "AND IT IS AALLL OOOVER".
Decent person: Excuse me sir, just what is this whole UFC fighting thing i keep hearing about?

Dumbass: OMG bro u dont know??? its like the most violent most awesome shit ther is like blood n shit and dana white is like DUDE YOU WANT SOME TICKETS i was like awesome yeah MAN!!!

Decent person: Right... stay off drugs young man.
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