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1. The phrase coined by J. Collotta in late summer/early fall of 2006. After we stopped wondering what it was that she hated to think, we all began using the phrase because we are unoriginal and cannot think for ourselves. Or we just hate to think for ourselves. One day in Latin I sent a note to K. Teahan stating that hate to think should have its own AIM counterpart, like 'lol', and 'h2t' was born. Then there was an h2t gang sign that can be seen on J. Collotta's myspace. The phrase 'hate to think' can be put before or after any word formation or be used solo. It is an answer or a question or a statement that is appropriate for almost every situation. It is also a complex chemical formula that one can put on a chemistry test when one doesn't know the answer.
'h2t' can evolve into 'h2i hate to imagine' and 'h2ft hate to fuckin think' in extreme situations

2. The term should not be confused with 'Love to think' which was J. Carper's early retaliation to J. Collotta's statement. 'Love to think' can be used the same way as 'hate to think' before any word formation or on its own as a statement, but is a more positive and therefore less popular phrase because of our human tendency to hate everything. The aim version is 'l2t'.
1. HATE TO THINK my best friend blew my boyfriend but I LOVE TO THINK he busted in her eye and she is in the hospital.

2. For AIM:
CottonCandyMan: h2t no one commented on my nude pics on facebook lol
SpiderWebs233: sux dude but l2t that hot gay minister at church added me on friendster
CottonCandyMan: lucky
by twinkmaster December 10, 2006

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