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barn burner: can also refer to an epic and overpowering flatulent expulsion that smells so vomitous and full of vile toxic fumes that you swear could burn down or melt an actual man-made structure

Farmer: WHEW!! MAN ALIVE what is that horrid stench? Please tell me you didn't feed those cows spinach again?

Cow-hand: *holding his nose* No that was me - I've been holding in my grandma's hogmaw beancakes in for weeks!

Farmer: *holding his nose* God help us!

Barn: *falls down into a pile of rubble*
cow-hand dinky, barn burner
by tukus pilgrim March 10, 2012
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a pilgrim who rips nasty peacock toots in the direction of the marmaduke community.
dude 1: eww that baked bean meal i had really doens't agree with me right now *rips a very nasty fume*

dude 2: damn!!! hold that ripe stuff in please! there's other people here... without gas masks on!

: i feel better now that i released that stinky dora
dude 2: *pukes*dude 1
tukus pilgrim
by tukus pilgrim March 10, 2012
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