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n0t_epic also know as revivedburswife, is one of the most amazing, hottest person ever in history. They are amazing and are very funny and cool to watch when sad! 🀯🀯
Human 1- Hey, have you ever saw n0t_epic aka revivedburswife?
Human 2- No? Let me check him out!
Human 2- Oh wow her content is awesome!
Human 1- I know they are justβ€”πŸ˜™πŸ˜£
by tubbeans July 21, 2021
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nikinihachusrealgf - A amazing and talented tiktok creator, with epic videos in their page 😎
Human 1 - Omg have you saw nikinihachusrealgf on tiktok?!

Human 2 - Yes I have! They are awesome
by tubbeans July 21, 2021
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