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Illogical, but none the less trapping, set of contradictions.
(Often a commentary on bureaucracy. From Joseph Heller's Book of the same name.)

anything to do with Mads
Here are some more good examples of a Catch 22:
(To add to the ones other people have added).

A company won't hire you without experience in the field. But you can't get experience in the field if you won't be hired.

: You can't get to work without getting your car fixed and because can't get to work you can't make money and can't fix your car.

EDIT: And a catch-22 does NOT mean a choice with only undesirable outcomes. That's "being in a bind,". It more like "being between a rock and hard place". Nothing you can do about it. No choice, not even bad choices. Totally Stuck.

Hey Mads, thought you might look here :).
This word definitely applies to most things to do with you.
by trwood July 22, 2008
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