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Peace say veelas are evil,but their not! I'm going to tell you the truth about veelas. Veelas are half angel half human. I know it sounds crazy but its true. Veelas live to find a soulmate. When they find their mate its like love at first sight. Veelas can be male buts very rare. Their soulmate can be human. When their soulmate is hu!man the veela is more protective of their mate. When they bound or make love,they become one.which means they are connected so they can feel each others emotions, so the veela knows when their mate is in trouble. When the veela knows that their mate is in trouble they spread their wings to find their mate faster.when they find their mate hurt they kill the person that hurt their mate the veela doesn't care if its his or her family member or friend its their mate that's important to them no one else is more important to them.when the mate dies so does the veela that's because when they became one their hearts connected so when the mate's heart stops so does the veelas
by truth provider March 14, 2016
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