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the class that most everyone takes at a liberal arts college comprised of history and literature from the classical Greeks until the present. time is devoted to the study of the rise and fall of Rome, Christianity, ancient philosophy, and great works in writing. tests are hour plus long affairs of writing in blue books amounts to nothing more than a very expensive and work intensive way of in essence hitting oneself with a hammer repeatedly for 2 semesters. serves little more than to keep history and lit teachers off the streets peddling crack. overall if you want the civ experience, go suck off a horse and pay him for 6 credit hours to do so. then you'll know.
this is the third all nighter for Western Civ this semester, pass the Adderall and Ritalin and shoot me now.

we get to start dante's Divine Comedy in Western Civ this week...FML

yea i hate Western Civ, but at least it keeps my prof in the classroom and not up at the corner turning 10 dollar tricks to support himself.
by trufteller0711 October 28, 2010
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