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A term used to describe the time between the last finals of Yale and the official Commencement activities. As tradition in recent generations, graduating seniors travel during this time (especially to Myrtle Beach, SC). Other underclassmen participating or working for graduation all move to Old Campus housing. There are no planed events and thus they must just wait for Dead Week to end and graduation to start (the YPMB is famous for having a film festival with each class making a film during Dead Week--including a Junior feature length film--that is screened at the end of Dead Week).
Yalie K: "I am so excited to just party and do nothing during Dead Week."

Yalie T: "I am too but know that I will be freaking out about finishing papers that I could not get done."

Yalie K: "You are stupid! Dead Week is when you are done with school and can just day drink at Yale."
by trbele May 17, 2012

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