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A name for a someone who does each of the following:
1. Glares at anyone without blonde hair or stupid plastered smile.
2. Rides their bike in the middle of the road, slowing all the real transportation down.
3. Knocks on your door with two friends, one may be the Anti-Christ
4. Believe women should get a lobotomy and keep pushing out more robot children
5. Never leave Salt Lake Valley because everything outside the walls are a danger to them and their children.
6. Believe African Americans are the devil
7. Stick to meat and potatoes every night, because they were born without taste buds
8. Will almost run your car off the road just to get themselves to church faster.
9. Make people cringe with how many children the pop out
10. Get married right out of high school to unsure the rest of their life is just making babies and network marketing
11. Decorating their home will send them to hell
Look at how many ob gyns there are on this street! We must be near mormons..
by traptINslc November 06, 2010

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