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black~sex with condom
red~sex w/o condom
light blue~hand job
indigo~hand job with blow job
blue~blow job
pink~french kiss and cunnilingus
yellow~big bear hug
purple~full fledge make out session
clear~wild card
silver or gray~fisting
clear gold with glitter~fingering
clear blue~all of everthing
clear pink~its the gurls choice
clear green~all anal
glow in the dark blue~boy sex toys
glow in the dark green or yellow~sex toys
glow in the dark pink~female sex toys
hot pink~make out
red & black~69
light blue with glitter~sex in the water
i really dont have in example so im very sorry but parents needs to chill out on what they are talkin about because us teens just dont wear it for sex so if these parents dont know what we are doing then they need to back the fuck off plus its our choice anyways its our bodies not theres so we should be able to do what the fuck we want dont u agree
by toohottie1988 August 22, 2004

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