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BBFK stands for Bitches Be Fucking Krazy. The abbreviation originated after two kids, one fat and one native american, from northern ohio saw a Ben Stiller movie "The Heartbreak Kid" Inspiration came after he left the beach to find the girl he fell in love with only to find out she went back to her ex and in that scene his father says,"Bitches be crazy." The change from BBC to BBFK came when the fat kid added this saying to his clan tag in COD.
"this girl said she'd suck my dick yesterday and today she won't" "BBFK."
by tonto "danger" a-dare April 07, 2010

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when a girls belly sticks out farther then their bootydoo! derived from the phrase dickiedoo.
"damn! did you see that bootydoo!"
by tonto "danger" a-dare April 01, 2010

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