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2 definitions by tokugawa

A warlord and a high ranking individual in Medieval and Tokugawa Japan, a person of power and great wealth, were kept powerless when in Edo, by of Tokugawa Ieyasu's will, and were an "ally" to the Shogunate's advantage, there were 260 daimyo in all of Japan in the Tokugawa period, and were kept in their place, and were all kept pleased by the Shogun, or rebellion would be a major factor in Japan. Owned vast armies of samurai, and lands, and a castle estate.
Daimyo were like a version of a nobleman or a king in today's standards within their own domains and by their people they ruled over.
by tokugawa January 14, 2008
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Key Holder: the holder of the key which locks a chastity device, such as a cb3000 for male genitals.
Submissive slave kevin has been locked in a cb3000 for three weeks, and his KH, Master Skull, intends to keep him that way for another week.

Sub trent is looking for a KH so his genitals can be locked in a chastity device, he wants to see how long he can go without an orgasm.
by tokugawa April 16, 2012
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