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I've read all the other definition and been laughing my ass off. Many people said this band has nothing but everybody has to admit the truth that they are one of the popular bands nowadays that almost everybody knows. If you guys think they're horrible at singing and just be popular becuz they're hot...try to think if you can ever be like them (in other words...find a mirror and look at your fat asses lol)... and really did u say the lead singer can't sing? Did you ever heard she sings solo or accapella?? just becuz those songs they perform are not intented to show off the vocals doesnt mean they can't sing...
Pussycat dolls: a new group in America that is trying to take in a different direction (how many groups can both sing and dance -_-), though they're having some difficulty in the process of winning those dumbass close-minded people, they will somehow mature and shape themselves to be more unique in the future.
Pussycat dolls is one of the newer group in US and trying to shift in a different direction to make themselves unique.
by tokichop September 23, 2007
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