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a token christian is one of those people that just hang around christian schools. they dont have jobs and live of the government. they get there free food of the church and live in there old bangers of cars and park up nxt to the beach. when they are hanging about the schools they like to preach about jesus and doing well in school when they are homeless and live off the government. all of the minger bitches always talk to them because they run the youth group at the local church. and think they are pretty cool. they love volleyball and are closesly related with the token volleyballer.

there general appearance is like a surfer but a bit more scruffier. they wear secound hand surfing brand colthes and flip-flops. one of them even came in once wearing a FAKE burberry polo top. alternitively they were old t-shirts promoting various christian festivals such as SYG08.
"who is that surfer guy hanging around the sports office?"

"i dunno, he's there like every day..'

"does he do anything all day"

"no just surf and talk about jesus..... yes hes a real token christian
by tokensurfer April 02, 2009

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