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1. Reply All Free-for-All or RAFFA is when friends want to slack off at work by emailing each other on one continous email. All members of the RAFFA put their email address on one email and write their message (usually about a crude subject and is written in their group-slang) and press the "Reply All" button so that every member receives that email. Receivers "Reply-All" to the same email after typing their response, and after hours of doing this, email chaos will begin to insue much like a Free-for-All. RAFFA language is specific only to that particular group of friends, so if anyone else outside that group (your boss) reads this, they will have no idea what is being said.
1. Greem types into the Reply All Free-for-All : Man, i hate my job. does errone wanna share a good droonk story bout last neught at the Dargness?
Greez responds:- Nah, just usual, took some beersches to da dome piece, tried to pig ub some sloots, but i just went home and jergged it to po-oorn CIH.

2. Mook: dude, how hilarious was that story bout ghost vuggin some veergeen on the RAFFA today.

3. Deez:- man, over 300 emails on the RAFFA today, thats a new record. this RAFFing is outta control

4. Greez types: meehhh i gots a lot of work to do today so take me off da RAFFA.
by tjb25 February 5, 2010
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