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A genre of music derivitive of punk, but recently has become as broad as to encompass electronica and pop, as well as rock.

FACT: Most indie bands are signed to small record labels. Notable exceptions are The Flaming Lips, and Modest Mouse.

FACT: Not all people who listen to indie have to be elitist assholes, although a few are. Such as myself.

FACT: Most indie bands are obscure, whcih makes people who listen to them feel special. Very special.

FACT: Best damn music on the market.
Kid: I just picked up the new Three Days Grace album!

Indie Kid: Wow. I just picked up some Xiu Xiu, Q and not U, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Joy Division.

Kid: *Awed Silence*
by tinycitiesmadeofashes April 13, 2006

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A band that consists of the remnants of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden.

FACT: Rage Against the Machine is one of the best bands ever. Zach de la Rocha is one of the greatest musicians ever to walk on the Earth. Tom Morello is one of the greatest guitarists ever.

FACT:Chris Cornell of Soundgarden writes lyrics like a kindergardener.

FACT: Listening to engenius music as a backdrop of Chris Cornell's lyrics makes for an akward expierience.

*during an Audioslave concert*

Brad Wilk is hammering the drums.

Tim Commerford is rocking on the bass.

Tom Morello is wailing on the Guitar.

Chris Cornell sings, "I've been wanderin sideways, I stared straight into the sun!"

Somewhere, Zach de la Rocha wakes up in a cold sweat.
by tinycitiesmadeofashes April 13, 2006

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