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Roman Catholics that originated in Ancient-Mesopotamia. Do not refer to them as "Arabs" because they are not. Chaldeans speak Aramaic, also the language that Jesus Christ spoke. They were the original civilization in the middle-east. They now settle in Northern Iraq, Michigan, California, Ontario Canada, And Arizona. They immigrated to the United States because their home land was being dictated by Saddam Hussain. The United States was the easiest place to make a living. They are Successful business People who often own liquor stores, grocery stores, gas stations, dollar stores, restaurants, meat markets, and half of Detroit. Coming to the United States around 20-30 years ago, not knowing how to speak english they worked hard and made a living. The most important thing to chaldeans is respect, if you disrespect them in any way they will mess you up. Chaldeans are often referred to as Sand-Niggers, boaters, and Chaldos. You would be proud to be Chaldean, if your not your jealous. Chaldeans often call other Chaldeans bro, cuz, cuzzin, akhoni, mann, if it's a younger chaldean talking to an older guy chaldean amo, if it's a younger chaldean talking to an older lady chaldean aunti. I can almost garauntee you that all chaldeans are related in a way. The closest race to Chaldeans are Assyrians but almost completely different.
How come Chaldeans have everyone's respect?

Because, they are kind-hearted, hard-working people with manners, respect, and loyalty.
by tino is boss like that June 25, 2009
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