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Cloud now has a duel-meaning:

Definition 1;

Cloud- verb, a term used as a synonym for the word "rape", but in a more commical sense (so said as a joke). Pretty much just replace the word "rape" with Cloud.


rape = Cloud
raped = Clouded

Definition 2;

Clouded- noun, a term used as a synonym for the word "maggot". However, "Clouded" is "maggot" on a much greater scale. Therefore, Cloud is a term used to described a person who is so ridiculously 'off their face', it is hilarious.
Definition 1;

1. Girl: OMG, did you hear that he pretty much got Clouded at the party.
Guy: I know, those chicks were grinding him like there was no tomorrow.

2. Dude, shut up, or I will so totally Cloud you.

Definition 2;

1. Guy #1: Hey dudes, let's all go and get smashed!
Guy #2: Smashed??? F@#k that, I'm gunna get maggot!
Guy #3: Maggot??? I don't even want to remember this night.... I'm gunna get Clouded!

*room goes silent in fear*

2. Haha, did you see that chick throwing up all over the floor? And then was crying because she thought she was late for maths? She was screaming "I'm gunna be late to see Eddie"!!! Man, she was so Clouded.
by timelesslemur April 04, 2010

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